Samuel Crew

Faculty of Computer Science
Max Planck Institute - Security and Privacy
Ruhr Universität Bochum
Bochum 44799, Germany.
samuel (dot) crew (at) rub (dot) de

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Research Interests

My primary research interests are in information theory and quantum computing. I am currently working on a wide range of problems including neural network simulation of gauge theory; random tensor networks, holography and quantum cryptography; and topological quantum error correction.

My PhD research was in high energy physics and the geometry of (topological) quantum field theory. In this area, I am particularly interested in connections between supersymmetric gauge theories and geometric structures in the spirit of "physical mathematics".

I am also interested in differential/difference equations and applications of resurgence/Borel resummation in both quantum and classical physics and geometry.

Some past and present research interests include:

Broadly, I like using geometry to understand phenomena in classical and quantum physics and I enjoy the challenge of working on diverse problems across traditional subject divides. I am always happy to chat about any of the above!

A picture of instanton moduli space

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A supervision with me as depicted by a student (artist credit @quantumcutie1228)

RUB 2023--

Bath 2021-2022

Cambridge 2016-2021



I completed my PhD at DAMTP and Trinity college, Cambridge UK in 2021. I studied geometric aspects of quantum field theory and I was supervised by Nick Dorey. Before Cambridge, I was an undergraduate at Lincoln college, Oxford where I studied first for a BA in mathematics (2012-2015) and then an MMathPhys in mathematical and theoretical physics (2015-2016).

Following my PhD I spent 1.5 years as a postdoc working with Phil Trinh in the department of mathematical sciences at the University of Bath. Here I learnt about resurgence and Borel resummation. I worked on a range of problems in quantum and classical physics and geometry.

Following my first postdoc, I then moved to Bochum, Germany to work with Michael Walter and Giulio Malavolta in the computer science department of Ruhr University Bochum and the Max Planck institute for security and data privacy.

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I work as an AI/ML consultant for Captivate Analytics
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